Derived Meteorological Products for ACE Occultations

This directory provides the Derived Meteorological Products (DMPs) for the ACE occultation measurements. A file is produced for each occultation measurement by ACE-FTS / ACE-MAESTRO. These are produced by Gloria Manney and William Daffer at JPL using MetO, GEOS-4 and GEOS-5 assimilated meteorological analyses.

It is important to keep Gloria up to date on the usage of the DMPs. Please let her know that you are using the DMPs and how you are using them by e-mail () or by using the ACE DMP report page. Questions regarding appropriate usage of DMPs in validation/science studies should be directed to Gloria.

Information about the data in the DMPs is available from the MLS Meteorology Studies WebPage and the 2007 JGR paper by Gloria Manney. The file format description is given here. The GEOS-5 DMPs are the data set currently recommended for use by the Validation Team.

DMPs can also be obtained by request at user-defined (UD) times/locations; see genericDMPdescription.txt for information on how to make such a request and the format for the input files.

Use your ACE Validation username and password to access these files.

To access the ACE DMP files:
DMPs Data Access

Note on downloading DMP files:

To download multiple files from the ACE Validation databace, you can use the wget command:
wget -r -np --no-check-certificate "https://[username]:[password]"

NB: The '--no-check-certificate' is required for some versions of the program, as the SOC SSL certificate references multiple server names. A FAQ for wget is available here.