Subgroup Breakdown and Team Leaders

The initial phase of the ACE Validation Program will be organized by data product (species or parameter). The seventeen ACE baseline level 2 data products have been divided into eight groups to make the validation task more manageable. The teams are led or co-led by members of the ACE Science Team and both Science Team members and validation partners are involved as team members. The teams and their lead (or co-leads) are listed below.

Subgroup Team Members
The team members for each subgroup work collaboratively to validate their specific data product(s). For each ACE occultation they use, they are responsible for uploading their correlative data to the Validation Database. This data will not be distributed by the ACE Science Operations Centre. It will be used to create a searchable listing of correlative data to encourage collaborations. Data is to be uploaded in a timely manner and updated if corrections or amendments are required. The members are responsible for informing the team leader and the Validation Coordinator of their progress (and any issues that arise). They will attend and participate in ACE validation workshops and contribute to the writing of the validation paper on their specific species/parameter.

Subgroup Team Leaders
The team leaders are responsible for coordinating the validation comparisons done by the sub-group members and for seeing that these are completed in a timely manner. The first results from these sub-groups will be presented at the first ACE data validation workshop (approximately November 2006). The team are also responsible for coordinating the writing of the validation paper on the specific species/parameter(s) and acting as a liaison between the team members and the Validation Coordinator at the ACE Science Operations Centre (SOC).

Subgroup Mailing Lists
A mailing list has been set up for each subgroup to allow the Validation Coordinator and the team leaders to keep in touch with the subgroup. To send an message ot one of these lists, use the following syntax for the e-mail address:
< Mailing List Name >
It would be appreciated if these lists were used with care. We would all like to minimize the amount of e-mail we have to deal with each day.

Please contact the Validation Coordinator, to have your name added to or removed from one of the mailing lists.

Species / Parameter Team Leader E-mail Address (replace AT with @ before sending) Mailing List Name
O3 Kaley Walker validate AT ace-val-o3
NOy + N2O Kim Strong strong AT ace-val-noy+n2o
CH4 Martine De Mazière Martine.DeMaziere AT ace-val-ch4
HCl/HF/CFC Emmanuel Mahieu Emmanuel.Mahieu AT ace-val-cl+f+cfc
H2O Claude Camy-Peyret /
Michel Carleer
camy AT /
mcarleer AT
CO Cathy Clerbaux catherine.clerbaux AT ace-val-co
Aerosols Didier Fussen /
Jim Sloan
didier AT /
sloanj AT
p / T Bob Sica sica AT ace-val-p+t